10 Steps to Creating Successful Content

Nov 09, 2021

Creating content is vital when it comes to marketing your agency and attracting leads. Helping your target audience better understand what your agency provides and how you can benefit them can help ensure more clients for your agency. 

Content is great, in general, but creating successful content can take some work. It's important to provide content that actually benefits your audience, not just filler content.

Here are 10 steps for creating your content marketing strategy to guarantee the content you're creating will actually be useful to your audience, helping boost your agency and attract clients. 

Set Your Goal(s)

What are you hoping to accomplish with your content? Most likely, you want to gain clients and help them with their marketing efforts. You also want to develop yourself as an expert in your niche. 

Developing a specific goal for your content strategy is a great accountability tool.

Try developing a mission statement that focuses on your business goals. Use it to keep yourself on track with the content you want to create! Keeping your target in mind will help keep your content focused and geared toward your buyer personas. 

Determine Your Target Audience

When you understand your audience, you and your agency can better identify and establish how to present and publish your content. 

What does your audience want to know? What are their pain points? What are their needs?

Remember your buyer persona!

Do your research and determine what type of content you need to contribute. Your target audience wants and needs to understand your skills better, so your agency's content marketing efforts, creating relevant content that guides them through the marketing funnel and simplifies the marketing process, can drive traffic toward your website and business in general. 

Understand SEO

Optimizing your SEO to fit the specifications of Google analytics will help your content reach more leads and gain traction.

Google analytics favor sites that feature relevant keywords and vital information in their content. The search engine gathers results that best fit the user's search, so do some keyword research to determine what keywords your target audience is looking for on Google.

As you journey through your content creation process, keeping search intent in mind will help turn an ordinary piece of content, like a blog post or webinar, into content that will attract potential customers seeking a thought leader like you.

Need a little more detail on the SEO front? We've got you. Have a look at Utilizing SEO for Your Creative Agency to help you start strategizing and implementing.

Keep an Eye on Your Competition 

Figuring out who your audience is and optimizing your SEO are great first steps, but one thing that is necessary for you to do: check out the competition. 

You may want to look at what your competition is already doing and find ways to expand and further develop the content they've created. That can be a great way to establish your agency as one of the better, more helpful resources for your audience.

But more importantly: you want to look at what content your competition is not creating. 

What gaps are present in the digital marketing realm that your agency and its content can fill? What information are your ideal buyer persona and target audience seeking that simply does not yet exist?

There is probably a huge need for content that your competition has not created. So, create it! Answer questions that other agencies aren't answering. Create content that no one else seems to be creating.

When you establish your agency as a tool and resource that can solve pain points that other agencies are even addressing, you stand out.

Create Content for Each Step of a Client's Journey

As leads move through the marketing funnel, transitioning through awareness of your agency to becoming clients, you need to create content for every step of the way. 

The various types of content, infographics, social media posts, and informative blog posts can be tailored to fit the needs of your leads.

Content specifically designed to inform leads about your agency early on in the journey helps inform people about what you do, how you do it, and why people need it. 

Creating content to help encourage leads to move forward with your agency as they begin to consider doing business with you can help solidify your business relationship. 

The next step would be to create content to continuously provide help and insights to your clients after they've purchased services from you will keep the rapport and keep your clients satisfied. 

Develop a Content Schedule

Stay organized with your content and share regularly. 

Your leads and clients love to see your content often. Knowing that you are constantly working on content to make their lives easier and businesses grow is appealing and ideal. 

Try to schedule your content throughout the year.

By creating a content schedule, your content stays organized, and you can more readily create and share often. Break your calendar down by the type of content you will publish, at what time of day, and on what platform. It will help you more easily identify what content marketing strategy works best for your agency and targeted buyer persona.

Your content schedule or calendar, a solid content management strategy, will help you set and keep content goals as you publish and distribute.

We'll help you get started with 30 ideas for a full month of social media posts here.

Distribute Your Content

Posting on your digital marketing agency's webpage or on social media is a great way to get eyes on your content. If you have a solid following, consistent content can have a large reach. 

Doing your research to target the needs of your audience and buyer personas can help in the process of creating new content regularly.

While creating new content, remember to repurpose your content as much as you can. One piece of content can be used across several outlets. Share blog posts, post snippets as part of your social media posts, delve into your content on Youtube, repurpose, repurpose, repurpose. 

Finding more places to share and post can only help establish your agency and gain leads. 

Want more info about how you can repurpose one piece of content? You'll want to check out Repurpose Your Content: How to get more awareness from a single piece of content.

Be Consistent, But Mix It Up

It's not all about sales. Although your idea of a successful agency may include gaining several clients, one of your business goals should include solid content.

One thing to avoid in your content is always taking a "sales-y" approach. Feel free to get a little personal, sharing a little about yourself and your agency.

Share some content that includes an inside look into your agency and niche. You want to create content that engages with your audience, human to human, business owner to business owner.

Also, try to educate your audience as much as you can. Give them some tips and tricks, especially from your own personal experiences, to help their businesses grow. 

Ensuring that you are doing more than trying to sell to your leads helps build a better relationship. People don't want to be constantly sold to, so providing some personal insights and tips can help buffer your sales approach. 

Build Credibility on Your Topic

You want to be viewed as an expert in your field. Prove yourself as such!

When you create content, present what you know. Your experiences as an agency owner make you an expert in your field, but your leads may not already know that. You can easily build a level of trust in your agency by creating valuable content and distributing it to your leads. 

Identify the knowledge and experience you have and be an example to potential customers. Use your site and content to demonstrate your digital marketing skills and how you can be useful to grow businesses.

Measure Your Results

As you create and distribute your content, analyze your results. 

Are your leads and clients actually checking out your content? Are they interacting with your content, commenting on it, and liking it? 

Is your audience actually viewing your content to the point that they are utilizing the information you're sharing?

These are all questions you need to consider with your content. Keep an eye on the reach of your content, and make adjustments if necessary. Try different content channels, explore various types of content and consider different topics to appeal to your audience. 

Keep these ten steps in mind as you work through the process of your content marketing strategy. You will be able to develop a content creation process that works best for your agency without bogging you down.