15 LinkedIn Headline Examples to Make You Stand Out from the Crowd

Oct 04, 2021

LinkedIn. Such an incredible tool to connect with worldwide professionals with so much to offer. Each profile lets you get to know someone new who could be a useful connection or helpful to your agency’s venture. 

But it’s so easy for each profile to blend in with the next. Users have to genuinely work hard to set themselves apart from others. 

If you aren’t careful, your profile could face the same problem. 

The goal is to steer people toward you and your agency. How?

Start with the headline. 

A LinkedIn headline is the first thing, other than your name that viewers see on your profile. You have 120 characters to make a solid first impression and establish yourself as an agency owner worth getting to know. 

This section is where you're meant to describe yourself, yet doing so effectively can be a struggle. 

15 of the best ways to make your LinkedIn headline pop:

The “Pitch Yourself” Format

"I help forward-thinking businesses reach success with masterful marketing and focused know-how."

This approach may seem slightly boastful, but you know your worth. You know your agency’s skills. Using your LinkedIn headline to give yourself a slight pat on the back while promoting your agency is a great way to get attention.

Connect to Your Work 

"Agency Owner at ABC Agency. {Insert Phrase or Motto popular within your agency}"

This simple way to familiarize your audience with any catchphrases you’ve decided to associate with your industry also helps show your connection with your agency. It’s your brainchild, and any way to reiterate your bond with your agency is noteworthy. Plug your agency any chance you get. 

Get Personal

"Just your friendly marketing agency owner | Jedi at Heart | Introvert living in an industry of Extroverts"

One way to draw attention to your LinkedIn profile is to personalize your headline. Don’t be afraid to share a couple of fun details about yourself to humanize yourself as an agency owner. People are often hesitant about being a little silly or fun on sites like LinkedIn, but that is a simple way to stand out.

Focus on Your Clients

"Empowering Businesses to Embrace a Successful Future"

By focusing on your client’s results, you’re making your profile a little less about you and more about the businesses you’re working to help. This approach creates a tone for your agency and creates a favorable image for you.

Skip the Buzzwords...

"Content marketing agency owner focused on CRM and SEO optimization."

While this kind of headline really enforces your agency’s knowledge and competency, it feels forced, like keyword stuffing. It sounds professional and all, but it also sounds a little staunchy.

...Unless You’re Getting Creative with Buzzwords

Try something like this instead:

"Marketing Wizard | Client-Customer Matchmaker | Bounce Rate Buster"

If you’re going to use any “industry lingo,” try doing it in a way that makes you stand out among the crowd. Have fun with it. Try something a little different.

Be Confident!

"Inbound Marketing Leader, Author, and the Answer to Your Brand Awareness Problems."

If you approach your headline with confidence and assurance of your agency’s abilities, your viewers can gain a better sense of confidence in you. So many profiles on LinkedIn display professionals who seem unsure of their abilities, almost begging people to pay attention to them and give them a shot. You don’t NEED anyone to hire your agency. You know your strengths, and any business would be lucky to work with you. 

Ask Rhetorical Questions

"Need help boosting your sales? Not sure where to begin? Message me and let me help!"

Letting potential leads know that not only are you here to help but that you have insight about what they’re struggling with is a great way to get noticed. You’re addressing a common set of problems a future client may be facing, and they are more likely to feel like, based on your headline alone, that you may be able to help.

Take Calculated Risks

"I don't usually stalk profiles, but I probably have a marketing ideal for your business when I do. Let’s chat!"

This approach comes off as relatable and humorous while keeping your goal at the forefront. It may seem a little risky, being a little loose and clever. But people like to feel like there is an actual human on the other side of an agency's LinkedIn.

Focus on the Big Picture

"Digital innovator changing the future of marketing forever"

Presenting yourself with the mindset that you are creating change, changing how things will be done in the future develops your agency as a long-haul entity. Stand out as an agency leader who sees him or herself as a mainstay that will innovate marketing.

Point Out Your Impact

"Creating marketing solutions for thriving companies like yours."

Another way to stand out: remind your audience that you know what you can do for them. Approach your headline with reassurance. Your audience can be reassured of your agency’s strength, and you reassure yourself of what you bring to the table.

Highlight Your Talents

"Agency Owner | Podcaster | Keynote Speaker | Author | Industry Leader"

Many people do this on LinkedIn, but making sure to hit the real highlights will help you stand out. Establish yourself as a reputable resource for tips and information. List your accolades with pride for your audience to fully grasp your value.

Make Promises to Your Agency

"It’s only the beginning for ABC Marketing."

Again, your agency is your brainchild. Your agency is growing and thriving. Let people know that the future looks bright for your agency. Your confidence in your agency will translate into your leads’ confidence. Stand out with confidence.

Use a Marketing Tone

"Marrying the practice of digital strategy with marketing creative"

Make sure to use the marketing language that attracts marketing leads and connections. This kind of language pops in viewers’ minds, and they remind your leads precisely what services your agency provides.

Let Your Personality Shine 

"Marketing Goddess and Client Relations Phenom. And I’m fun. You need me." 

Might feel a little uncomfortable showing your personality in this way, but you will definitely stand out on the bustling LinkedIn. This approach is a bit different than what you might typically see, so it’s eye-catching for sure. 

All of these ideas will help you stand out on LinkedIn. Try them out, see what works for you. Either way, try to be yourself, embrace what your agency brings to the LinkedIn community, and utilize the site to build your leads and client numbers.