30 Days of Social Media Posts

Sep 17, 2021
Illustration of two women promoting social media marketing

Are you struggling to come up with anything worth posting on your agency’s social media? Look, it’s tough sometimes. Keeping up with your business while engaging with your clients and leads can feel like a daunting task.

Posting regularly is essential if your goal is to attract your target audience and essentially boost your ROI.

There are 3.78 billion social media users worldwide in 2021 (Statista, 2020). Approximately 48% of the population utilizes social media, which means 48% of the population is out there waiting for your content, waiting to get to know you as an agency owner. 

You don’t want to miss out on that potential reach increase, but again, it can be difficult to post and engage regularly. 

Dooder is here to help.  

Here are a few ideas that may just keep your social media presence afloat.  

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Day One: Question of the Day

Encourage your audience to think a little. By giving them a question to consider, whether it's about their marketing needs or something a bit more personal, you boost your chances for engagement. 

They might be willing to share their responses and give you a bit of feedback.  

Some good, discussion-worthy questions might be: 

  • How are you taking smart, calculated risks?
  • Are you giving yourself enough credit for your hard work?
  • Do you use social media to promote your business?

Try asking a question and encouraging your followers to chat on your agency’s profile.  

Day Two: Tutorial 

Show us what you’ve got! By sharing a tutorial or a how-to is an easy way to demonstrate what you bring to the table. 

See a need for a how-to about creating a reel on Instagram? Really confident in your content calendar creation skills? Enthusiastic about getting testimonials and referrals? 


Create tutorials about how you’ve managed to be successful. Give examples. Demonstrate how you do it—walk through your processes.  

Tutorials and how-tos make incredible social media posts that inform your audience and help you stand out! 

Day Three: Branded Graphic 

A simple graphic, some kind of visually appealing photo or image, with your agency’s branding or logo is a quick way to stay consistent with your social media posting. It can remind your followers of who you are and that you’re there to help. 

Of course, making a relevant graphic to your agency, especially with a descriptive caption, is key. 

Something as simple as a solid background with a short statement about your agency and your logo can draw attention to your account. 

For example, the words, “Marketing assets for agencies. Sales strategies to build your authority,” with “Dooder” in the corner on a solid background. Simple. Appealing. Done.  

Look into different options and get creative! 

Day Four: Your Story

Everyone loves a good story. Share yours. 

Tell your followers how you got to where you are. Explain what drove you toward becoming an agency owner.  

Even go further back! Tell us where you grew up, how your brother annoyed and inspired you, how you had doubts about your future in college and how you developed yourself. 

Let your audience get to know you and your agency with a bit of backstory. That personal touch goes a long way!

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Day Five: Video or Reel 

Videos tend to keep viewers’ attention span longer than text, and reels are all the rage!  

Sharing a video about your day or getting a little silly in a skit-like reel helps bond with your audience. 

You can even share a fun GIF with a caption that relates to marketing.  

We recently shared a Friends GIF featuring Ross, who was struggling to carry a couch up a stairwell, screaming, “PIVOT.” The caption described how the past almost two years have required agencies and agency owners to pivot a bit, readjusting their approach, taking new angles to meet the needs of their clients. 

Something fun and simple like that can be a great post to connect with your followers.  

Day Six: Announcement 

Have anything new coming up? New services you’re offering? Going to an event? Hit a milestone? 

That kind of info, a simple check-in or a huge announcement, is the content followers like to see on their feeds.  

This is also another opportunity to post a video! We all love videos! 

Make those announcements on your social media, and include your followers in your news! 

Day Seven: Quick Tip 

Quick tips can be especially helpful to your audience and can benefit your engagement.  

Give your audience the inside scoop if you have a hack that could make lives a tad bit easier or a little secret know-how.  

You can also pair this info with an interesting graphic and GIF to add a little flare and get eyes on your content.  

Either way, sharing your insight makes for an easy social media post.  

Day Eight: Infographic 

More info? Yes, please!  

But infographics are a bit more in-depth. 

While this graphic style is minimal in words, infographics lean on charts and imagery to drive points home. 

Hubspot has some amazing infographics that are engaging and incredibly informative! Feel free to check out their variety of examples to create your own or share theirs to inform your audience! 

Day Nine: Blog Post Promo 

We’re constantly harping about content amplification, finding ways to share and promote your content through various mediums.  

Posting on social media about your latest blog post not only helps you continue to post regularly but it amplifies your blog.  

Share a snippet of your post and nudge followers to read more on your site.  

Day Ten: Contest 

We all like to compete to win something! It’s engaging, it’s exciting, and it’s fun!

Post about the contest or giveaway, and ask followers to do something like:

  • Comment with emojis that describe their day
  • Tag a friend 
  • Like, share, and subscribe to your page

But what should you give away? 

Exclusive content is always of value! 

Give away some exclusive content, and not only have you created a new lead for the future, but you’ve nurtured a new business relationship that may help create more future leads.  

Day Eleven: Describe Your Agency

This is a little different than sharing your story. This is sharing your agency!

Tell us who your agency is, what your mission and goals are, who the members of your staff are. 

Help your audience get familiar with your agency. This is more than leads and sales and all that.  

This is about a relationship, and your audience wants to know more about you and what you stand for before even considering working with you. 

Day Twelve: Survey

Best way to know what your clients and audience want more of? Ask!

Create a survey that encourages your audience to tell you more about what they’re looking for from your agency. 

You can learn so much more about their needs and pain points through a survey on social media. 

Or maybe you’re just curious about their demographics, interests, confusions, and concerns. 

Day Thirteen: Promo 

Much like a giveaway, you can encourage followers to engage with your post to unlock a special promotion or deal. 

A social media exclusive promo can draw in lots of new leads and help you follow up. Giving your followers a great deal simply for following you is a quick way to drum up a little attention. 

Anyone genuinely interested in your promo is someone to keep an eye on and connect with. 

Day Fourteen: Current Events

A lot is going on in the world these days, and the last thing you want to do is appear out of touch. 

Celebrate heritage months and holidays. Acknowledge big news happening worldwide (you may want to avoid alienating followers with political views). Recognize other industry leaders.

Just keep up to date as much as you can on your social media. 

Day Fifteen: Call-To-Action

Your agency’s social media accounts are great for attracting new leads. 

Use the opportunity to invite people to subscribe to your newsletter or blog in a post. After all, you are an agency of value! Explain the benefits of subscribing and what they’ll miss out on if they don’t. 

Sell yourself and the content you provide. 

Day Sixteen: Curated Content

Never be afraid to share content from other agencies and reputable sources. 

It actually benefits you to recognize other industry leaders and their content. They provide insights you may not have touched on yet, or they present it differently. 

Regardless, give them a little credit, tag them, and they may do the same for you. 

Day Seventeen: Discount

More deals! Encourage your audience to move down the marketing funnel with some exclusive deals and promos! 

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Day Eighteen: Listicle

These informative short-hand lists are attention-grabbing. The formatting can be loose, but the information is solid. 

Check out Buzzfeed’s many listicles as an example. 

See how short and sweet they are? This format can pack in a ton of information that’ll appeal to your followers in a fun, condensed way. 

Try making a carousel of photos with informational captions, informing your followers of any tips and tricks!

Day Nineteen: Encouragement

Positive vibes are always nice to see pop up in your newsfeed. Give some encouragement to your followers. 

An encouraging “you can do it” type quote is perfect. 

Day Twenty: Virtual Event

Post a webinar or FB/ IG live to address your audience and share some insights! 

Webinars are great for giving info in a new way. And lives are fun because, well, they’re live!

Agencies aren’t just businesses. Put a face to your agency name. 

Day Twenty-One: Anecdotes

Every now and then, share a longer, more in-depth story with your followers. Most other story-like posts will likely be short snippets, but followers do enjoy a longer breakdown. 

Definitely use sparingly, but it’s ok to be a bit long-winded sometimes when the topic calls for it. 

Day Twenty-Two: Time-Sensitive Offer

A sense of urgency is often a great motivator to encourage leads to commit. 

Give it a shot and see the results. “Today only” or “Limited Time Offer” are words that often pique interest! Your followers will want to at least look into your agency before the expiration of the deal. 

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Day Twenty-Three: Inspiration

An inspiring quote, especially from a relevant source, can be perfect for your social media account. 

Day Twenty-Four: Behind-the-Scenes 

Break the fourth wall with a little inside look into your day. 

As an agency owner, some of your followers may not know what goes into your busy day. Feel free to show them. 

Take them on your way to a meeting and give them a look. Walk them into your office as you plan out your day. Take them on your drive home after a long day working hard for your clients. 

By giving your followers an inside look, you become more interesting and worth learning more about. 

Day Twenty-Five: Freebies

We can’t hype up free content enough! 

Free content is a sure-fire way to draw your leads in. If you have a great download to share (aka a stellar lead magnet), plug it on your social media. 

Day Twenty-Six: Homework Assignment

Sharing tips is great, but asking your audience to use the tips and give feedback is even better. 

Try sharing some relevant info with your followers and encouraging them to try it out, and let you know how it goes. 

Day Twenty-Seven: Quote

Any quote that hits home for you that day can be a simple post. It could be encouraging or inspiring, but it could also be something interesting or thought-provoking. 

You may have read a new book, and a certain line stood out to you. Share it. 

Maybe you saw a quote on another social media account that made you smile. Share it. 

It can be anything, but make sure it’s something you’ve connected with that day. 

Day Twenty-Eight: Personality 

Be willing to share a bit of your personality whenever you can! 

In a silly mood? Share a silly post! A meme, a GIF, a Tik-Tok style video… whatever works for you!

Willing to share a bit of your personal life? Share it and tell your audience how you’re feeling. 

Share some quips, little details, or factoids about yourself. 

Whatever it is, let your audience see a bit of your personality, what makes you a stellar agency owner. 

Day Twenty-Nine: Non-Blog Promo

This is a great day to share a collaboration you may be doing, a podcast you were a guest on, or another webinar. 

Promote whatever it is you’re working on, anything that may amplify your authority. 

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Day Thirty: Meme

Simple. See a meme that is relevant to your niche? Or something that is simply relevant to the time? 

Share it!

The cool thing about memes is that there is a large variety of them. Some are funny, some are informative, and some make you think. 

Depending on the goal you have in mind, choose a relevant meme to share with your followers. 

Keeping it real

Whatever you decide to post on your social media accounts, make sure it’s a good representation of you and your agency. Need help generating enough content to post daily? Check out Dooder’s monthly content plans. This is a great way to get the basics flowing, allowing you to create more unique content without burnout.