5 Lead Generation Mistakes your Agency may be Making

Oct 01, 2021

Lead generation is the first step toward gaining clients and making money, but for some reason, agencies are making a ton of errors that stifle their ability to reach and collect relevant leads. 

It's simple. You need to generate leads to build your business. It's essential, and taking the wrong approach can squash your business. 

The mistakes you're making as an agency owner may not be super obvious. So, let's dig in.

Useless Lead Magnets

Knowing more about the lead itself is even more important than getting them to understand who and what your agency is. Your lead magnets need to fit the needs of the leads you're hoping to attract; otherwise, the lead magnet is entirely ineffective and useless.

What brought the lead to start seeking an agency's help? What do they need? How does the business operate?

You need to know this information to better understand how to connect and attract these leads. 

Understanding the ins and outs of an ideal lead (their budget, needs, goals, etc.) will help you tailor your lead magnets to attract them. Keep these details in mind to ensure the success of your agency. 

Avoid simply listing what services your agency provides, and try demonstrating your agency's skills, keeping the insights you've gathered on your target audience. Prepare well, and show your skills to increase your chances of connecting with your leads.  

Not Specializing in a Niche

Along with knowing who your target leads are, you need to specialize! That will be an absolute game-changer in regard to your agency's success!

Focusing on a specific niche will help you become an expert in the field, providing concentrated knowledge on what certain businesses will need. By overlooking the value of a niche, you may be able to snag a few clients, but you will struggle to meet their specific needs. 

You can't effectively work for every business out there. It's impossible. 

The needs of your clients will surpass the knowledge, experience, and guidance your agency can provide. That's definitely not the kind of experience you want clients to have with your agency. 

Instead, develop your niche. Figure out what type of business you're passionate about and can truly bring value to. 

The reality is, most businesses don't simply hop online looking for an agency to solve each and every marketing issue they may be facing. They're typically looking for an agency to solve one or two specific pain points for their business. By being prepared to help with those particular issues, you attract leads and develop an opportunity to help with any future shortcomings they may face.  

Free Consultations

Yes, providing free services and resources is a great way to generate leads and demonstrate exactly what your agency brings to the table. 

But, be selective about some of the freebies you offer. 

Free consultations are not effective for agencies. They typically have low conversion rates, and agency owners end up spending a great deal of time entertaining weak leads, giving insights and tips to leads that will most likely move down the marketing funnel. 

It just doesn't make sense to devote that effort to leads that won't result in a new client. 

Instead, your best bet is ensuring that a lead you are offering in-depth, free services to is actually worth the effort. 

Having potential leads fill out a questionnaire describing their business and its needs can help you weed out weak leads from strong, relevant leads. 

Under or Overvalued Services 

If a service is too cheap, too accessible, it can become a deterrent when generating leads. 

Businesses like to know that there is legitimate value in the marketing services your agency provides. Don't undersell yourself! You know what you can do. You know how to build rapport with your leads and provide the knowledge necessary to help businesses grow. 

Let the cost of your services reflect that. 

On the flip side, avoid overvaluing your services. Keep your agency competitive by keeping the costs of your services competitive. 

A good deal is nice from time to time but don't sell your agency short. And overly costly services may drive leads away, so finding the sweet spot that accurately reflects the value of your agency will keep you from nudging leads in the wrong direction. 

Holding Products Hostage

Agencies often hit a massive wall with clients, in turn creating a wall for leads when a client leaves an agency. 

If a client decides to no longer work with an agency, they often lose the work they paid for. Agencies choose to keep the content they've created, causing a rift with the client. 

As we've mentioned over and over again, rapport is everything, and testimonials are an agency's lifeblood. 

Imagine discontinuing your use of a service. 

Let's use Amazon as an example. You decide you no longer need an Amazon Prime subscription. 

Now imagine Amazon decides to withhold the orders you've already placed that you have not yet received as soon as you cancel. 

You'd be furious. You'd be frustrated. And you'd tell everyone who would listen all about it. 

This is one way to ensure your leads steer clear of you. 

Consider whether or not this is a move you want to make in regards to your clients. Is it worth burning a bridge with a client who may eventually need your services again and ruin any potential of a referral? 

Avoid these common mistakes to give your agency the upper hand and the best chance of success.