Inbound Marketing for Digital Marketing Agencies

Aug 05, 2021
Illustration of young people being attracted to a lead magnet

Understanding Inbound Marketing as it pertains to your agency is one of the first and most important steps toward success.

You need people, potential clients, to be interested in what you can do and provide. But the only way you’re going to expose prospective customers to the value in your work is to show them regularly, consistently, through as many platforms as possible. 

Let’s dig into the odds and ends of Inbound Marketing and how to implement them. 

Content Creation 

Here’s the deal. 

Content creation is a vital part of inbound marketing. 

When you create content, you provide free and useful information to your audience, attract potential customers to your website, and retain existing customers through quality engagement.

You need to create content. You need to give customers and potential customers reason to seek or continue seeking you out, engage with you and find the value in what you could bring to their lives. 

Why should they spend their money working with you?

What is the value of the services you provide?

Why you?

Create some free, useful content. Give your target audience a reason to visit your website. Provide your existing customers with a reminder of why they chose you. For example, blog posts on how to generate reviews or how to optimize a Google My Business listing help to position you as an authority while also providing valuable content for small business owners. 

Ultimately, content - relevant, engaging content - allows agencies to create revenue. 

And that’s really the goal, right?


We all know that SEO is critical for our client's success, yet we overlook it for our own agencies. This long-term investment creates long-term results and is definitely worth the investment. 

The great thing is that you're already creating valuable content for your leads; all you really need to do is optimize it. Get some keyword research done, utilize SurferSEO to ensure you're creating content that can rank, and get to it.

If writing SEO-friendly content for your own site feels too daunting, consider a white label provider like SEO Content Hero to do it for you. 

Content Amplification 

All that brilliantly well thought out content needs to go somewhere. 

Well, many somewheres. 

The whole idea behind content amplification is to use your content in as many ways and outlets as possible. 

Content amplification helps increase your reach over several social media platforms, nurture emails, blogging, all of it. By utilizing the many facets available to reach your buyer personas and continue connecting with established customers, you create a relationship between your agency and your customers. 

Cast a wider net and see your engagement and sales results change!

Lead Generation 

Lead generation is the process of creating leads, prospective customers interested in your business. Simple enough.  But there are so many useful strategies that go into lead generation. 

Your company can draw in prospective clients and turn them into solid leads by using lead generation strategies. 

Learn more about a lead, collect their information and gather a snapshot of who they are and what they seek. Give some incentives- trials or samples- to encourage a prospect to become a lead. Establish which leads will most likely become clients and prioritize them. Organize leads based on the lead magnets that attracted them, their job titles, etc. 

All of these seemingly small tasks yield great results when it comes to driving your sales and connecting with more leads. Understanding how your prospects function, what they seek, and how to better engage with them will ultimately lead to more sales.