Amplify Your Authority by Being on Podcasts

Sep 09, 2021
Blue graph paper with on air symbol representing agency owners on podcasts

You don’t have to start a podcast, do all the heavy work, editing, and all, to reap the benefits of the highly popularized media platform. 

The thing is, people, your clients, want to hear you. 

They want to witness your expertise. They want to be reassured of your credibility, to be reminded that you are the skilled professional they’ve known you to be.  

So, show them.  

Authority marketing for your agency

While it’s obvious that you want to prove yourself as an authority within your niche, the “how” may not be as obvious. 

There's a clear choice between an agency that claims to be an expert and an agency that has the credentials to prove it: degrees, a book, notoriety, an array of works that prove they actually know what they’re talking about.  

There's an immediate difference between one and the other. Clients and prospects notice that difference and recognize who the authority is.  

Your knowledge and experience in your field are what make you more of a market leader. Having a wide range of sources to help build rapport is what will build your authority. 

If done well, sharing what you know on one more platform, namely, reaching an audience on a podcast, can only help build your authority. 

Utilizing podcasts to amplify your authority

Many established podcasts have well-established audiences listening to them regularly. In today's marketplace, countless business owners get much of their marketing information from podcasts. 

That’s perfect for you as an agency owner. 

You can continue to attract an audience and build your authority by reaching someone else’s audience first! By promoting yourself to another audience that aligns with your target persona, you'll have the advantage of getting your agency more exposure in a group that's already established and trusts the host. 

Doesn’t cost you anything. Doesn’t require any upkeep from you. Doesn’t take up big chunks of your time!

Use the opportunity wisely! 

Building your credibility via podcasts

Simply being a guest on a podcast is already a step toward building credibility and nudging your authority forward. No one with a reputable podcast would want a non-expert taking up time on their platform, would they?

Audiences recognize that simply being on the podcast makes you more credible!

Be sure to share your guest appearances, especially on podcasts, to your social media and websites. We’ve all seen how a simple mention on social media can drive traffic to your profiles. Being tagged in or mentioned as a podcast guest can pique interest and develop your credibility. 

Of course, being on a podcast is just a step, but combining being a guest on a podcast with a few other credibility boosters (author, speaker, award-winner), your name as an agency owner adds even more weight to anything that you say.

Converting podcast listeners into clients

For an agency owner, the perks of being on a podcast speak for themselves. 

But what does your appearance on a podcast do for the audience?

As a guest on a podcast, the host will work to promote you, so use the host as an advocate to the audience. Allow your agency to be marketed by the host. Let the host talk you up and give any testimonials they see fit. Their audience trusts them and will likely take their word when it comes to your value. 

One of the most important perks of podcasting: it makes you more human. You are able to connect, share valuable insights, and in the case of video podcasts, put a face to a name. Audiences, potential clients, want to know you’re real. A real, live, relatable professional who can help them.

Address the problems you solve. Audiences love a good story, so share yours. If audiences get to know you, you build authority by developing the trust that can soon follow. Remember, you aren't selling services, you're selling solutions. Talk about your client's success, not your own. 

Podcasting also gives you a chance to educate the audience. By sharing what you know, and giving tidbits of information and advice, you are adding value to your content.  

Want to convert listeners into clients? Use your podcast appearance to give a call-to-action. Encourage listeners to share the episode, expanding your reach. Invite listeners to check out your social media and site. Welcome people to the free content you provide in your e-book or blog. 

Work those listeners down the funnel!

Keep building your brand. Consider starting a podcast of your own after you’ve established an audience! If done with the goals of reaching your target audience, converting listeners into clients, and amplifying your authority in mind, podcasting can be an amazing tool for your agency!