Content Marketing for Agencies: 5 Tips to Succeed

Sep 23, 2021
Illustration of person sitting at desk with a long scroll of content

Content marketing is the process of creating and distributing relevant content for your target audience. You can market your content on social media through emails, blogs, and your agency’s site. 

This process is essential to attract new clients and bring awareness to your agency. 

Your goal is to market your agency as a reputable and necessary resource for your clients and leads, so content marketing truly is essential for sustaining your business.

While content marketing is such a broad topic and can seem somewhat overwhelming, a few tips may be helpful toward the lasting success of your agency. 

Know your Audience

Your content only matters if you’re reaching your target audience, the audience your content is intended for. 

Are you producing content that your leads are looking for? Is your content useful to your clients? Are you truly reaching the right people?

The only way to know if you’re creating for the right audience is to learn about your audience. 

This is why you create a buyer persona to understand the leads you’re creating content for, and you develop a relationship with your clients to understand the content they need. 

Knowing your audience will help you create and market useful content to yield results. 

Educate and Solve

The primary purpose of content marketing is to educate and solve problems for your audience. 

Push out as much content as you can to help, ensuring there is value to the content you’re producing. 

Share content that addresses the needs of your audience. What do they need help with? What problems are they looking to your agency to solve? What can they learn from you?

By approaching your content marketing strategies with these missions in mind, you prove to your leads that you are a professional with the know-how they need. You also remind your clients that they made a wise choice working with your agency. 

Establish your agency as an authority with your problem-solving content. 

Produce Detailed Content

Really get into the content you’re producing. Creating in-depth content for your audience helps boost your SEO, shows your level of expertise, and gives more details to help solve problems your audience is facing. 

Focus on getting straight to the point but give solid details and full breakdowns. 

You want those viewing your content to walk away with a thorough understanding of the topic you’re covering and feel better equipped to overcome the pain points they were experiencing. 

Be Relevant

Keep your content relevant and up to date. 

The fast-paced marketing world changes often. Trends shift and tools that were useful at a given time may not be relevant anymore. 

Especially with the changes of 2020, marketing approaches have changed, and your clients’ needs have changed as well. Producing content that reflects the changes of the world and the needs of your audience will help your content gain traction. 

Explore Other Options

Don’t feel like you need to limit your content marketing strategies to written formats. 

There are so many ways to produce content. Blog posts are great and can be very useful, but consider videos as well. 

Youtube is booming with great content, but is yours there too?

You can easily share tutorials, tips, and advice with videos and engage your audience with a different format. 

Also, remember to utilize social media to create and share content. With all the fun options available like reels, live videos, and stories. 

A little variety in your content can help your agency extend its reach and keep your audience more interested in what you’re sharing.