How to use Webinars to Generate Leads for your Agency

Sep 15, 2021
Yellow graph paper with illustration of a female agency owner at her desk leading a webinar meeting

Webinars can be great, informative tools to connect with your clients and facilitate relationships with leads. 

By sharing relevant information about your agency through webinars, you share your knowledge with your audience and build rapport, giving you the best opportunity to create leads. 

Know Your Audience

Ensuring that you’ve pinpointed your buyer persona before creating a webinar is still just as important as ever. Using a webinar to generate leads demands that you fully understand your target audience and what they are seeking from your agency. 

One of the best, most effective ways to establish the persona for a specific webinar is to create a registration form that better understands interested leads. 

Your goal as an agency owner is to understand and solve your leads’ and clients’ problems and concerns. Collecting relevant, in-depth information about a lead’s job title and goals will help you understand their needs instead of simply gathering contact information from potential clients. 

Also, consider the time needs of your viewers. Will leads be available to view your webinar live? Or are they probably busy people who will need to access your webinar on-demand? 

This line of thinking ties into who your audience is. Make sure they can access your webinar on their time. They’ll appreciate it. 

Fully establishing the buyer persona of your webinar’s potential audience and placing value and emphasis on their time and needs will better help you attract and engage with leads.

Landing Page

We all understand the appeal of a well-designed landing page. 

Keeping the targeted persona in mind for your webinar, you can use the landing page to address the needs of your leads. Spotlight the challenges and pain points of your leads and encourage them to attend your webinar for solutions.

You can also use your landing page to share short snippets about your webinar, what topics you will discuss and what your audience will gain from your webinar. 

Little teasers about your webinar on your landing page will definitely get your leads excited to learn more and consider your agency for their needs!

Really hype your webinar up. You’ll be working hard on your webinars, creating useful content for your prospects. If you’re excited to share the content and demonstrate the value of your work, your audience will be excited to receive it. 

Don’t forget to keep your landing page simple, though. Nothing shuts down a lead’s interest in your agency like a clunky, confusing landing page that is not user-friendly or doesn’t load well on various devices. 

Keep it simple and ensure your landing page doesn’t hurt your chances to generate solid leads. 

Maximize Your Reach 

Don’t forget to use your SEO skills to get your webinar the traction it needs. 

Using the right keywords, like creating a title that will generate interest and including a meta description to make your webinar more Google-friendly, will help your webinar reach your target audience.

Know someone with valuable insights who would be a useful partner for your webinar? Feel free to join forces to expand your reach. By combining your efforts, you boost your audience and give yourself more opportunities for leads. 

You will also want to promote your webinar as much as possible to ensure you reach as many potential clients as possible. 

Use the resources you already have. Your current clients, people who know firsthand that your agency is reputable, may be willing to share information about your webinar, driving more lead traffic to you. Prospective clients who have already expressed interest in your agency may also be key links toward nudging new leads your way. 

Social media, free features or paid promotions are incredibly useful to get the word out about your webinar. The more feeds and search result pages you can get your webinar shared to, the higher your chances of attracting leads to webinars.

Utilize email marketing too. Send emails in advance of the webinar to get signups, send a reminder the day before and the day of the webinar, and then email the recap. You can even layer in content from your webinar into your nurture emails. 

Practice Makes Perfect

Continue sharing what you know and demonstrating the value of your agency to drive traffic to your webinars. As you explore this form of content creation, don’t be afraid to make changes and learn from your webinar experiences. 

You will quickly see the results of connecting with your audience through webinars, but the experience and lessons you learn will present themselves over time.

Checking the analytics of the webinar platform you use and gathering feedback from your viewers will help you effectively use this marketing tool for your agency. Tailoring your approach to webinars will help you reach more leads and create even better content next time. 

Remember, the purpose of these specific webinars is to generate more leads, so each time you create content with this goal in mind, you gather more information and find more efficient, effective ways to meet the needs of your leads.