Lead Magnet Ideas for Digital Marketing Agencies

Sep 21, 2021
Illustration of a group of people walking walking towards a large magnet

Lead magnets are useful tools and freebies agency owners share with leads to collect contact information. When you create a lead magnet of high-perceived value you're able to direct prospects to a landing page with a strong call to action. The goal is to generate quality leads that are willing to enter their email address so you can grow your email list.

A lead magnet can vary from free downloadable resources like an ebook, checklist, and guide to an informational course, video webinars, or a free consultation and website audit. According to wpforms, "50% of marketers who start using lead magnets report higher conversion rates." That's a seriously compelling reason to layer lead magnets into your top-of-the-funnel strategy.

Most prospects don’t know much about your agency or the problems you could help them solve. Your lead magnets kill two birds with one stone. An effective lead magnet can be incredibly valuable to your potential customer and you get the benefit of establishing an early relationship with a lead while demonstrating the value of your agency.  

Gathering email addresses to follow up with your target customers is invaluable for your agency. It allows you to follow up and nurture prospective clients through the funnel.  Creating a lead magnet that you can offer for free in exchange for their contact information takes some planning, but it's a great method to fill your sales funnel.

Here are some of our favorite effective lead magnet examples for agencies:

Checklist Lead Magnet 

A simple way to create a lead magnet is to distill one of your blog posts into a condensed, appealing checklist. This type of lead magnet is easy to create and helps potential clients quickly solve a problem.

A great lead magnet should be easy to understand and benefit your audience. This is why checklists tend to be the most popular and effective lead magnets available to marketing agency owners.

Checklist Lead Magnet Ideas

When you're trying to attract valuable leads for your agency, consider these topics for a free checklist:

  • Website SEO optimizations
  • Email campaign checklist
  • PPC checklist

Giving your leads a list of actions to take that will benefit them and help them through their journey will nudge them toward seeing value in your work, making them more willing to exchange their contact information to get it. 

Guide Lead Magnets 

A great way to attract new leads is with guides. Guides help business owners who feel ready to go more in-depth on a marketing topic but need more information on how to solve their problem.

For example, do your prospects need a breakdown of link building? Save your leads a ton of time and frustration by creating one! A step-by-step guide clearly explaining how to effectively build links to boost SEO can be quite invaluable. 

Guide Lead Magnet Ideas

  • Online Marketing 101
  • The ultimate PPC guide
  • Leveraging video for your business

Users visiting your site will better appreciate your expertise in your niche. Offer a free guide and you could grow your email list exponentially.

Case Study Lead Magnet

A lot of agency owners overlook the value of case studies and how they can help your agency grow. Having a well-structured case study on your landing page or website not only intrigues visitors, but it also shows them your proven results.

For example, say your agency focuses on PPC management. Creating a report on the tremendous sales you were able to generate for a client shows your target audience that you can solve their pain points too. A great way to make your case study a great lead magnet tool is to include testimonials from your clients. For example, you can have your client record a quick video testimonial about how great it has been working with your agency.

What to Include in Your Case Study

Be sure to use the following in your case study to ensure it meets its goal:

  • Where were they before?
  • Where are they now?
  • What is life like now that they’ve achieved results?
  • What steps were required to get them there?
  • Who else would benefit from working with you?

Utilizing case studies as a lead magnet helps to establish you as an industry leader and your website as a resource center for potential clients. It shows your target market that you generate results for your clients and is a great way to capture more emails.

Templates Lead Magnets

A great sales tool is identifying ways to best streamline processes for prospective clients. Everyone is in the market to find the easiest, most efficient way to do things, hence why templates make such a great lead magnet. 

By creating actionable templates, your prospects can start using them right away. Here are some examples of what you could provide as a free template lead magnet:

Template Ideas

  • Social media calendar templates
  • Website/Home page SEO templates
  • Marketing report templates

Providing a resource like a free template generates brand affinity and provides real value to your leads.

Cheat Sheet Lead Magnets 

A simple list of resources can serve as a lucrative lead magnet because you’ve compiled the research your leads would have had to do into one document. 

A great cheat sheet is one of the best lead magnets for potential customers since it's easy to create and fits on one page. For example, a great cheat sheet lead magnet idea is a list of keywords for your niche. This is something your customers can utilize regularly to boost their SEO and provides instant value.

Cheat Sheet Ideas

  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Blog post ideas
  • Reputation management
  • SEO 101
  • Video marketing

Creating a simple cheat sheet lead magnet is a great lead generation tactic to drive qualified visitors to your website.


Infographics are a fun way to share a lot of information quickly. They essential provide data in a visual format that is fun and doesn't take a lot of time to digest. This method of sharing information is so popular they have become the fourth most used type of content marketing.

To create a lead magnet think of important data that may seem boring if you read it, but with the right styling could be really valuable to a prospect. For example, an infographic on the pillars of SEO is much easier to digest quickly than an in-depth blog post.

Infographic Ideas:

  • Why you need Google My Business for your Business
  • What is SEO?
  • The power of online reviews

Utilizing infographics is like a free sample of the knowledge powerhouse that you are. It also assures prospects that you can share important information without being overwhelming with technical jargon.

Ebook Lead Magnet

Some agencies offer a free ebook lead magnet to establish themselves as the leader in a niche. An ebook doesn't have to be 200 pages long. In fact, ebooks between 80-100 pages tend to be the best received. According to Hubspot, the average ebook lead magnet is between 5,000 and 10,000 words long. Unlike a traditional book, ebooks are quick to produce and are a great free download for potential customers.

Books are ideal for agencies that focus on a specific service or a specific niche. For example, if your agency only serves the dental industry, you could create a book that's the definitive guide to dental marketing. Another example would be if you focus on PPC for small businesses, your book could be all about how to maximize PPC to drive leads.

Either way, ebooks are great to create an engaged audience and are a high-value download. With the right marketing tactics, you can drive a high volume of qualified visitors to your website that will opt-in via your download form.

Consultations/ Audits

A website audit with a basic report or free consultation are great lead magnet ideas. When your agency offers a free preview of your capabilities it shows prospects firsthand how your agency works.

To avoid a huge volume of website visitors requesting a free consultation consider having a qualification process in place. Rather than having a standard opt-in form, use a tool that allows you to ask questions before letting visitors schedule a time on your calendar. When you create your qualification form you can qualify their business size, marketing budget, and more. These forms are also best to capture a phone number from your lead as you'll want to be able to follow up via phone.

You can also perform audits as part of your consultations. A simple report to assess your lead’s business and site is incredibly valuable. Some agencies see this like a free trial for warm leads. Giving leads an example of how your business works is never a bad thing.

Online Course

The latest trend for creating a lead magnet is offering an online course. This admittedly takes a lot of time and resources and is rarely free. While it's an incredible resource, take a look and determine if your agency can deliver on something like this as a lead magnet.

The benefit of creating a course is that it provides a lot of content that you can repurpose for your agency. Whether it's video content, blog post ideas, or free mini-courses you can offer via social media, this is an in-depth method to show prospects you really know your stuff. Consider an email course or how to optimize your website SEO in 10 easy steps.

How to Promote Your Free Lead Magnets

So you've created a free lead magnet. Now what? When you create lead magnets you need to have a funnel set up. First, how will you market your lead magnet? For example, some agencies have pop-ups on their website to gather email addresses in exchange for their lead magnet.

Another option is social media. A great tactic is to promote your lead magnet in your bio. You can send people to a specific link or have them DM you to grab your free lead magnet. The least amount of friction to get contact information is ideal.

You can also utilize paid ads. While we advise against a paid ad that offers a free trial, ads that offer a free lead magnet are generally a safe bet.

Whether you're launching an email course or plan to focus on awesome case studies, these lead magnet examples should have you well on your way to capturing qualified leads!