Nurture Emails: How to Stay Relevant to your Leads

Sep 13, 2021
Green graph paper with image of an envelope representing nurture emails for agency owners

Overlooking the value of nurture emails is a critical mistake for agency owners. Some agency owners see nurture emails as unnecessary, useless, or off-putting to prospects and clients.

Not true at all. In fact, according to a recent Hubspot study, “email generates $42 for every $1 spent.” 

When done effectively, nurture emails are an incredible tool that you can’t ignore. There is a type of nurture email for each marketing process step, from cold lead follow-up to reactivation campaigns. 

Welcome Emails

Every time a potential lead subscribes to your agency’s site, is a welcome email headed to their inbox? It should be! 

People curious about your agency may stumble upon your site, not sure of what they need or want, and may simply want more information. 

That’s where a welcome email comes in. 

This is a perfect opportunity to share a ton of relevant information with a prospective lead. Demonstrate the value of the services you provide. Share some stats Link a video from a satisfied client. 

And promotions!

Welcome emails are perfect for sending promos and discounts for your services to better attract curious readers who aren’t quite sure if they’re ready to move down the sales funnel. 

Lead Nurturing Emails

Leads that express at least an interest in your agency but may not be ready to spend any money just yet need to be nurtured. 

Don’t let them forget about you. Don’t let your agency become irrelevant. 

There is a delicate balance between the frequency and the content you send to leads. As you test different nurture email sequences you’ll start to identify the sweet spot for your prospects. We recommend a minimum of one email week.

Remember, one of the goals of lead nurturing emails is to put your agency in front of as many eyes as possible on a regular basis. Keep clients and leads updated about any new services you provide, share case studies, and provide solutions to their problems with encouragement to take the next step through the sales funnel. 

When to Send Nurture Emails

Often. Throughout all levels of the sales funnel. 

Remember, you’re in the market to build a relationship, not just to gain a client. You want to strengthen and nurture the relationship with your subscribers. 

You will need to change your content to make sure it's relevant for each level of the funnel and, of course, continue to share the benefits of your services and any promotions you can provide. 


It is vital to continue to engage with your leads with regular newsletters. 

Not every lead is prepared to move down the sales funnel when you’d like them to, but they may be eventually. The point of a monthly newsletter is to remind leads that you’re there to help regularly. 

Keep leads informed about tips and tricks for those DIY business owners. Share the testimonials of clients who saw huge gains from your services. Provide value each step of the way and focus on selling results, not your services. 

No matter what info you include in your newsletter, simply reaching out to your leads and keeping your agency on their minds is necessary.

Share your content

We’ve discussed the importance of creating relevant content for your clients and how content amplification ensures reaching your target audience. 

Use your nurture emails to share and promote your content!

Have a new blog post? Plug it into your newsletter. 

Are you posting new instructional videos on your agency’s YouTube page? Perfect! Share it in a nurture email. 

Do you have new insights? Information that would benefit your leads and clients? Spread the word and remind your audience that you are a relevant expert!

Thank them and request feedback 

Remember to follow up with subscribers with a simple thank you. 

As an agency owner, you want to express gratitude to your leads. A simple thank you note for subscribing to your content goes a long way. 

Sending this kind of follow-up also allows you to seek some feedback. Address the issues or concerns your leads may have. A quick survey could get to the bottom of what is keeping your leads from moving forward. 

  • Are your prices for your services too high?
  • Are you not offering a specific service they are seeking?
  • Are your competitors meeting needs that you’re not?

Ask about it! 

All in all, nurture emails have proven time and time again to be a valuable way to market your agency and convert leads into clients. Don’t miss out on the opportunities that present themselves through nurture emails. 

Need help getting started? Check out our 52-week nurture email sequence. At only $52 you can send them out as is or use them as a basis to customize your own sequence. We all know editing is easier than coming up with ideas from scratch!