Repurpose Your Content: How to Get More Awareness from a Single Piece of Content

Sep 30, 2021
Illustration of megaphone promoting repurposing content for agencies

Creating content regularly for your agency can feel overwhelming and stressful, especially if you’re focused on creating quality content.

Social media posts, blog posts, videos, podcasts...that’s a ton of content to create for your agency each month. 

Have you considered repurposing your content? Have you reused a piece of content to bring more awareness to your agency?

It can be done, and it’s much easier than you could imagine, and the perks are massive! 

For continuity, let’s focus on repurposing a blog post.

How can you use a blog post in several ways? How can you make it work for you across several channels and mediums, creating more and more content for your agency?

Social Media Posts

You can quickly make snippets of your content into social media posts, content to engage immediately with your audience. With Instagram and Facebook being major hubs for quick, easy info, you can share details from your blog or podcast (or any content you’ve created) on your feed. 

Evidence shows that people don’t always want to read a whole blog post or sit through an entire webinar if it's not convenient for them. But you can share some of the critical details, some of the attention-grabbing content, on social media. 

Did you include a chat with an industry leader in your blog post? Awesome. A simple quote from the conversation can be a helpful post or addition to your IG story. 

We all love memes! Can you make a clever meme out of something you discussed in your blog post? That’s another simple way to boost engagement and repackage some of your content.  

Reels are super popular right now, so reframing your post into a catchy reel could bring attention to your agency’s profile.

Doing a live video on your social media, publicizing your post, and sharing some details about it, can do great things. It allows you to share some info and continue to establish yourself as a knowledgeable agency owner. It also makes you more personable, putting a face to a name!

Give it a shot, and give your content new life on social media. 


We all have a piece of content that we’ve connected with and feel incredibly passionate about. You could talk about it all day, going further and further into detail, sharing more helpful info about it. 

Talk about it!

A podcast episode digging deeper into a blog post you’ve shared is a great way to refresh it, making it yet another piece of content. 

A blog post about SEO Optimization or creating a webinar could quickly become a discussion about the steps necessary to do so, your journey, and some tips and tricks. 

Podcasting can be a way for your agency to expound on what it does, what it knows, and what it does for its clients!


One thing that can be a pain point for your potential clients is that many agencies don’t always explain the hows behind marketing. We see so many blog posts explaining what we should be doing and not really demonstrating how to do it. 

Webinars are your chance to promote your blog posts (or any content, really) and explain HOW to do the things you’re suggesting. 

Back to SEO Optimization. You may have a post discussing the importance of SEO Optimization for a client and what it could mean for their business. 

But how?

Teaching about the topics you’re describing in a blog post through webinars is the perfect way to continue repurposing a piece of content and add value to your agency. 

Break it down for your audience. Explain the ins and outs. Not only do you boost your authority, but you show leads and remind clients why they need you. 

More Blog Posts

Any small statistic, fact, or experience that you may share with your audience in your blog post can be expanded into a larger piece of content. 

Did you share a detail about your growth and ROI for your agency? 

That’s interesting by itself. 

But turn that into something more. Explain how, why and what!

Get more detailed in a follow-up blog post. How did you encourage growth for your agency? Why did you take the steps you took? What tips do you have for other agencies?

Turning that small detail into an in-depth piece of content is helpful for other agencies who are looking to you to be a leader in your niche, and it shows your clients your level of awareness and attention. 

Anything you produce as a content creator can be dug deeper into, creating new content!

The opportunities to repurpose your content are endless. Looking for more and more ways to make your content last, giving it opportunities to be shared and put in front of new eyes, is such a crucial move for agency owners.