The 9 Word Email: What is it and how can it help you get leads on the phone

Nov 02, 2021

Dean Jackson, a successful real estate marketing expert and author introduced the world to the amazing 9-word email and changed how many marketing agency owners re-engage business owners as their leads. The tactic focuses on reconnecting with people who have already expressed an interest in your agency’s services but did not move toward purchasing from you within 90 days. 

By taking the approach of the 9-word email, you reopen the window of communication with your unconverted leads with the hopes of converting them into satisfied clients. 

What is a 9-word email?

Simple: it’s an email that consists of a question made up of nine words (or less). And those nine words will start a conversation with your leads, reigniting their interest in your agency. 

"Are you still interested in marketing for your business?"

"Does your business still need help reaching more customers?"

"Are you still interested in developing your marketing strategy?"

These are all great examples of 9-word email questions that can begin a conversation with your leads and get them on a call with you. It inspires them to engage and respond for the sake of their business.

As Dean Jackson describes it, you’re focusing on reconnecting with people who already expressed an interest in your agency and the valuable services you provide. 

Use the steps of the 9-word email to remind them of what they sought you out for to begin with and avoid them becoming dead leads!

The subject line 

For starters, your 9-word email should have the proper subject line. 

Dean Jackson recommends using your lead’s name and a neutral phrase to avoid your 9-word email heading into the recipient’s spam folder. 

Try something like:

  • John, just checking in… 
  • Mary, just curious…
  • Hi there, Steve… 

The subject line should entice and engage. You are setting up for the email to check-in, see if they are still looking into what your agency provides and if they are still interested in your services.

As you tap your lead’s shoulder with your email, it’s best practice to include your lead’s name in the subject line to encourage them to actually open and read your message. You’ll also want to consider a subject line of the 9-word email to be similar to what you would see in any email you receive from a personal friend, making it feel less like a sales pitch and more like what you’re trying to do; reach out. 

When creating your subject line and email campaign, here's some tips to Avoid Spam Filters: 5 strategic tips for digital marketers.

Choose your nine words 

Choosing your nine words, and sticking to those nine words or less, is the main component of the 9-word email, so don’t stray from the format. 

You don’t have to get too creative with the nine words. Keep it simple. Your goal of re-engagement is an easy one, so avoid any extra wording or layering in any bit of a sales approach as you save leads from falling into your pile of dead leads. 

You are not trying to cram in all the need-to-know info you want your leads to be aware of in your 9-word email.  

You just want to get the lead to talk to you. 

Use your 9-word email to ask a question like, “Are you still interested in…?” and remind your leads about the webinars, templates, nurture email series, books, or services they’d once checked out but didn’t move forward with. 

You can also try something like:

Are you still interested in growing your blog traffic?

Are you still considering my marketing webinar?
(Side note: if you want to start a webinar for your leads and clients, check out Using Webinars to Generate Leads for Your Agency).

Are you still looking to invest in Facebook ads?

Just the nine words. That’s it!

The perks

The strategy of the 9-word email is simple, time, and cost-effective and can really help get your leads reacquainted with your agency. 

Spending a ton of money on marketing campaigns and ads can have its benefits, but this free, personal approach to reaching out to your leads can be an incredibly useful option.

Any response or comments from potential clients in response to an email reopens the door. Prospects who are willing to respond and let you know that they are still looking and interested in your services are still open to being converted into customers. That's great news for your agency! Engage with these prospects and restart your effort to lead them through the funnel.

Using the 9-word email could end up being the tool that keeps you engaging potential customers and keeping them interested, keeping stale leads from becoming dead leads.

You really have nothing to lose and a ton to gain from making an effort and using Dean Jackson's simple and amazing 9-word email approach, so try it out and see how it works out for you and your agency!

And if you're into keeping things simple, try out our 52 Email Nurture Sequence. That's an entire year of customizable emails for you to send out to your leads!